App Expectations

More Control

More Settings

Detailed Logs

More Simplicity

Custom Arm-Modes

Push Notifications

Larger Control Range

Visual Device Status

Finer Detection Settings

Individual Sensor Settings

Gain Control over all your KwêBeam Systems with the new App.

Protect Your Home

Make your home smarter by covering all entry points with KwêBeams Wireless Motion Sensors. Use the GSM Unit to conveniently control the KwêBeams System via the Mobile App. Use the Wireless Keypad as an Alternative Control Unit to Arm, Disarm and Program your Sensors.

Protect Your Storage

Add an extra layer of security to protect your stock and equipment.

Protect Your Livestock

Setting up KwêBeams around your livestock locations, pointing outwards away from the stock, can easily notify the caretakers of any possible intrusions before they occur.

Protect Your Equipment

Cover access to your equipment and vehicles using the KwêBeams Wireless Motion Sensor. The GSM Unit can be moved around & placed on Farm Vehicles and other mobile equipment.

The Only Requirement to Control The KwêBeams App

The GSM Unit

The KwêBeams GSM Unit does not only give you access to the mobile application, but it also gives you the ability to control the system via your phone's SMS System. Plenty of settings are granted from the Mobile app, such as Customizable Names for each Sensor, Home and Away arm modes with individual zone Bypass, Home Entry Time Delay, Finer Sensor Sensitivity Settings, Finer Detection Quality Settings, Power-failure notifications, and plenty more settings to help personalize KwêBeams to your needs. You will also receive logs of the last 100 entries on the system, giving you an opportunity to review events you might have missed. The GSM unit is powered with a 2-Point Charger, with a 7-day backup battery in case of power failures.