GSM Control Unit

The SMS Control Unit is an optional extra. It conveniently provides full control over the KwêBeam system, while not at Home.


The SMS control unit provides full Kwêbeam system control via SMS and is easy to setup and use. The KwêBeam system can be Armed / Disarmed with SMS commands or a simple drop call. SMS notifications reports alarm, trouble and battery status for 8 individual zones. The unit monitors the power state & will generate a SMS notification in the event of a power failure or power restore. The optional lithium battery provides backup power for up to one week during power failure. A maximum of ten phone numbers can be stored with partial or full system control. The SMS Control Unit features two multipurpose inputs & one programmable relay output to link various devices to the Kwêbeam alarm system. The relay output can be programmed to activate if a valid Alarm signal is received, or when a ‘drop call’ is received from an authorized cell phone number. Example applications where the Inputs & Output can be used: Remote receivers to Arm/Disarm the Kwêbeam system Link to an existing alarm panel Monitor any device for Alarm and Tamper signals Connect sirens, lights etc. Open gate or garage doors with “Drop Call” function.

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Full Kwêbeam system control via The New Mobile App
Full Kwêbeam system control via SMS
Easy to use with no installation required
Arm / Disarm Kwêbeam system with “Drop Call” function
Power Fail notifications
Alarm, Tamper and Low battery notifications for 8 individual zones.
Two inputs to monitor external alarm & tamper signals
Programmable Output Relay – Activates either with “Alarm” OR “Drop Call” signal
Built-in lithium charger for optional backup battery
Up to 7 days backup power with backup battery connected
868Mhz Two-Way wireless communication
Built-in repeater functionality for Kwêbeam system
Small size with low power consumption